A Warrior's Journey to Mindfulness

5 week session

An introductory session designed to teach the warrior in you how to live mindfully and in the present moment. This session is about self-care and giving yourself permission to slow down and enjoy time away from the stressors of everyday life. For many of us it is a real challenge to put ourselves first but our mental & emotional self will thank us for taking this time. We will learn to tap into each moment in life as it unfolds and meet it with calmness. We will create a balance between strength and inner peace and find the harmony warrior that lives within.

This session will guide you through mindfulness practices, guided meditation & gentle yoga. You will learn to find acceptance, listen to your heart and live a more resilient life. The benefits of mindfulness practices are numerous and Harmony Warrior Yoga hopes to share this journey with you.

New Session coming this fall. (SEPT/OCT 2018)



Hatha Flow

Recurring weekly classes

Hatha Flow classes typically include smoothly flowing movements between poses guided by the force of inhales and exhales. Each class is unique, but may include the use of music & essential oils,  variations of Sun Salutations as well as standing postures, inversions, back-bends, twists, forward bends, and deep relaxation.

Flow Yoga synchronizes movement with breath which helps the practitioner develop a greater sense of self-awareness, balance, and harmony with themselves and their environment.

Wednesday @7pm in the Bronx Park Multi Purpose Room,  session registration or drop ins are always welcome.

Indoor Fall/Winter Session  - WED @ 7pm beginning again November 7-December 19 2018.