We are seeing a rise in professional and amateur sports teams incorporating yoga into their overall training and it's no wonder why... Yoga helps to counter the impact that participating in competitive sport can have within the physical body. Through the practice of yoga, we see improvement in endurance, strength, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and coordination in our athletes as well a reducing postural imbalances and repetitive stress injuries that often occur.  Yoga also offers many mental benefits for our teams, using our breath to enhance sport performance, improved concentration and focus, reduced  stress and fatigue, while promoting team camaraderie. Team yoga is a way for players to engage with each other in a non-competitive atmosphere, building stronger relationships and developing strategies to better handle high pressure environments. We focus each session around your sport and create a unique, age appropriate yoga practice that meets the needs of the whole athlete.

Mind and body strong.   



Yoga classes will be up to 45 minutes and tailored to your sport.  

1 Class - $75 + gst

Class pricing based on up to 15 yogis, mats included.

Additional yogi pricing available upon request for groups larger than 15.


If you are interested in adding  yoga to your team's pre or post practice schedule, or in holding a mindfulness session before your big game, please complete the form below..