Suggested ages:  6-12 (willing to make exceptions on a case by case basis)

Join us for  yoga, crafts, games and outdoor adventure. Yogis will gain confidence and build new friendships.

At yoga camp, we believe in the power of mindful movements and moments.  While most camps provide nonstop intensity, inciting excitement and energy, our yoga camp balances both joyful play with quiet reflection and relaxation.  We believe children need both in order to be balanced and healthy. Each camp day will consist of a group yoga class, time spent outdoors, and interactive games, while also including slower, mindful times of storytelling, guided meditation, space to allow our own individual expression of creativity to shine during our nature themed craft,  and Savasana to close out each day with a focus on a different relaxation technique.

Yogis will need the following:

  • Comfortable exercise clothing, please dress or pack layers

  • Outdoor wear (hat, sunscreen, umbrella, etc)

  • Packed lunch/snacks, water bottle (nut free)



Please read our camp policies and restrictions

  • Camps may be subject to change. Please contact Harmony Warrior Kids Yoga for more information

  • Parents must sign their child(ren) in/out of camp at stated start/end times, unless other arrangements have been previously made

  • Late fees will be charged for every additional minute late for pickup -$1/minute

  • Camp fees are non-refundable

  • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. If a child is behaving disruptively on a continual basis, we will ask that be picked up immediately and may not be permitted to finish the camp.